Social Impact

Deborah Dugan on Leading a Life of Value

If you only read news headlines, it’s easy to feel pessimistic about the state of the world. Deb Dugan’s message? We’re actually living in a golden age—and her optimism is backed by statistics. In the past 25 years, global poverty has been cut in half. Literacy rates have soared to include 85% of the world’s population. Child mortality has been cut in half. AIDS, the world’s #1 health problem, has been brought to its knees.

The engine driving these remarkable milestones? Brands that care. “Put your core values at the center of the relationship between your brand and your customers”, Dugan suggests, and the whole world benefits.


Deborah Dugan is the CEO of (RED), a Global Fund for AIDS prevention that has raised over $350 million under her leadership. She is a WORLDZ Master and delivered this keynote at WORLDZ 2017.