Future Tech

George Whitesides Takes Us to Space

When George was growing up in Boston, he remembers looking up at the stars on a cold night and thinking, “One day I’m going to go up there, up to space.” He’s finally closing in on his dream, and the world is primed to benefit.

In this inspiring keynote, Whitesides imagines a future where people, inspired by the “space perspective”, are able to come together to solve our most challenging issues. The more people we send to space, he argues, the more we will understand that our earth is essentially a spaceship, and we’re all responsible for its fate.



George T. Whitesides is the CEO of Virgin Galactic, Sir Richard Branson’s human spaceflight venture, and The Spaceship Company, a manufacturer of advanced space vehicles. He is a WORLDZ Master and delivered this Keynote at WORLDZ 2016.