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Wanna Get AWAY?

Jennifer Rubio's secret to success has everything to do with speaking directly to the consumer.

Every great superhero has an origin story.  For Jen Rubio and the company she co-founded with Steph Korey, it all started when her luggage broke in the middle of the Zurich Airport. She needed a new suitcase, was super frustrated with her experience trying to replace it, and vowed to do something about it. So she applied some of the lessons she learned during stints as Global Head of Innovation at AllSaints and Head of Social Media at Warby Parker to start her own company – a company just as focused on the process of buying and using the product as it is on the product itself.

Our thinking around AWAY isn’t about ‘How do we make a good luggage brand?’  For us, it’s about how do we make a travel brand that resonates with people.

Prior to AWAY, Rubio had viewed her work as “a catalyst for creating meaningful experiences between people and brands,” something she has definitely utilized in AWAY’s current business model, which uses e-commerce to sell directly to its customers, cutting out the retail store middle man. They didn’t just create a piece of luggage, they created a lifestyle image.

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Check out the video below for a crash course in how AWAY leverages a diverse portfolio of ways to reach their customer.


Jen Rubio is the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer of Away. She will be leading a Master Course at WORLDZ 2018 in Los Angeles, CA focused on leveraging storytelling to redefine the retail industry and travel experience.