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Join #EndFamilyFire, A Campaign To Stop Avoidable Childhood Death

Connor Riley


Family Fire: A shooting that involves an improperly stored gun that’s found in the home, resulting in the death or injury of a child. Every single day, this avoidable tragedy happens eight times. That’s eight families whose lives are forever changed by one horrific moment, who will never forget today’s date, 8.8.18.

The same thing will happen tomorrow, and again the day after that. Let’s make it stop. 

To combat this preventable horror, the Gun Safety Alliance has launched an awareness campaign in partnership with AdCouncil, Droga5, and The Brady Center with the goal to #EndFamilyFire. Conceived within our communities, this alliance hopes to make today, 8.8.18, remembered as the day that real change began to form around this avoidable issue.

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