WORLDZ Best Dads

WORLDZ knows you gotta have heart to have hustle. In honor of the holiday, we’re celebrating some of the Dads of WORLDZ by compiling the best quotes, memories and wisdom on fathers and fatherhood direct from our WORLDZ Masters.

“I know why I get up in the morning. I know why I can make hard decisions. Because I know what I’m doing and I know how important [my son] is. And I just want him at the epicenter of my life.

No matter how much money you make or how much stuff you own, time is truly the greatest luxury of all. What I’m trying to do now is be healthier, slow my life up. The best advice I can give to any dad is slow up. Don’t rush things. They grow up very fast.”

I just want to be remembered for giving it everything I had as a father, that I laid it all out for my son.

Coltrane Curtis and his son, Ellington. Photo courtesy of

Team Epiphany is an award-winning, full-service consumer marketing agency specializing in brand strategy, social media amplification, and public relations. Coltrane’s unique talent for brand-building, celebrity alliances and strategic program execution has been utilized by a host of industry leading clients including Nike, Google, HBO, and many more. Read more about how Coltrane Curtis juggles fatherhood and running an agency.


“Any father can be a feminist father, as long as he fights gender inequality in order to raise a fully realized human being. My father believed in me, and made me feel I could do anything I put my mind to. At the end of the day, isn’t that the purest form of father-feminism?”

Sold in over 20 countries, Marlies Dekker’s groundbreaking designs and radically new feminine point of view has started a worldwide lingerie revolution. Read our exclusive WORLDZ Report interview to learn more about her journey.


“I finally understand Game of Thrones. I think about how I would do anything for my daughter. [Fatherhood] gives me this clarity of thought around every decision I make, not just professionally, but personally, and everything else. It just feels really good.”

It’s like a higher level of consciousness.

Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit, the bestselling author of Without Their Permission, and an activist for the open internet. Click here to watch his WORLDZ 2017 Keynote address.


“As a product of the meticulously designed apartheid regime of 20th century South Africa, my father’s life was the definition of activism and resistance. Despite the open arms of many countries, for 30 years he refused to take citizenship anywhere else on this earth. His belief, too strong, that the pure evil of a systematic racist oppression could and would be crushed. Instead he would continue to fight.”

He was right.

Sal with his father Hugh Masekela. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Sal is best known for his work presenting NBC’s Red Bull Signature Series, ESPN’s Summer and Winter X Games, his cultural reporting in South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and hosting E!’s Daily 10. He is currently executive producing and appearing as host in VICELAND’s highly-anticipated docu-series, VICE World of Sports.


“As a dad my goal isn’t to tell [my daughter] what she should be but help her become the best version of herself. I think of our role as early stage investors in the same way (albeit less paternal obviously, but still with a lot of emotion). We want to back founders who have a strong vision of what their company could be and just help them get there. Fatherhood has made me stop and not take for granted how lucky I am to engage, learn, and work with amazing people on a daily basis.”

Hunter Walk is a Co-Founder and Partner at Homebrew Management LLC, which he co-founded in 2013. Mr. Walk served as the Head of Product at YouTube, where he led consumer product management when it was acquired by Google. Read More about how fatherhood has changed Walk’s approach to business.


“[My Father] doesn’t even wear a watch, because he doesn’t believe in tracking time. He’s a cardiologist, and he’s never worn a watch. ‘Dad, how did you know to go to your meetings?’ [He replied] ‘I wasn’t going to rush through a meeting with a patient to go to the next one. When I was done, I was going to the next one,’ or he never wanted to go on a motorboat because that was about the destination. He liked to go on a sailboat where you just experience life, and he also taught us not to save your money for a rainy day. He doesn’t want to save his money for giving all of us inheritance when he passes. He wants to enjoy it with us now. I think it’s my father that’s given me that passion for life and experiences.”

Shelley Zalis has devoted herself to becoming a mentor and friend to women and leaders in her industry. Her most recent endeavors include The Female Quotient and Girls’ Lounge, resources which support and encourage women in finding their voice, embracing their feminine leadership powers and working together to transform corporate culture.


“Our Dad has many incredibly qualities: his love, his drive, his athleticism, his sense of humor, his intellect and the list goes on. However, he has one secret weapon quality that you can’t teach: common sense.”

Carter and Courtney Reum are the co-founders of M13, a brand development and investment company accelerating businesses at the nexus of consumer products, technology, and media. In January 2017 they co-authored Shortcut Your Startup in order to share their insights and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Gary with his father Sahsa Vaynerchuk. Photo Courtesy of

My dad and I had a successful family business because we loved each other more than we loved the business. 

My dad was 44 years old when I was 22 and came to run the business. He gave me unbelievable support and air cover to let me do my thing — which blows my head off now. In hindsight, I’m the whiz kid. But he was 44. There are 60, 70-year-old dads right now that are still micromanaging the family businesses and not letting the 45-year-old son or daughter do their thing. My dad did it at 44, in his prime. He loved me more than he loved the business. I plan on loving my children more than any other variable, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

Gary Vaynerchuk took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Read more about how Gary Vaynerchuk learned about balance in business from a Dad who worked 18 hours a day. Click here to check out his 2017 WORLDZ Keynote address.


“My parents were really awesome about making [learning] really fun for my brother and I. One of my childhood memories is being 10 years old on vacation in Los Angeles with my family. We’re in the hot tub, and my dad was asking us algebra problems. That was just normal.”

Kathryn Minshew is the CEO & Founder of, a career platform used by over 50 million millennials to navigate their careers, and by hundreds of companies looking to attract, hire and retain great talent.


“[Once] I moved a truckload of bricks by myself, just so I could sleep in on Sunday. On Sunday morning, my father’s response was, ‘I see you’ve got the bricks done. Let’s go’—on to the next project. I’ve got that gene.”

Joe De Sena is the founder and CEO of Spartan Race, Inc. He is also the New York Times bestselling author of SPARTAN UP! A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life, and SPARTAN FIT! 30 Days. Transform Your Mind. Transform Your Body. Commit to Grit. He is also the host of the Spartan Up! Podcast, available on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube.